Humpday Humor

by R.J. Matson, originally uploaded by the Health Advocate.

This week’s featured satire is by R.J. Matson. How is your health insurance? These days, many Americans find themselves underinsured. The waters of unemployment and pre-existing conditions can be difficult to navigate. I think this also highlights the need for rigorous protection of health information as the prevalence of genetic testing continues to increase. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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2 Responses to “Humpday Humor”
  1. Robert Owen says:

    Health Insurance in general is a tricky subject for me. I worked for a long time with out any health insurance at all… It was only until my employer at the time wanted to provide a group policy that I gave it any consideration. (and that was only because he was paying for it)

    Insurance in General was always one of those things I thought not to be a necessity. I mean, you’re really paying on the “chance” that you might get sick or injured and have to use the policy. (Makes it sorta like Vegas – no chance of winning anything)

    Now that I am working for myself and don’t have the luxury of employer supplied coverage I have to give the issue even more thought. I tend to think about these things like…”wow, If I get this it will require 3.5 hours of work a month just to pay for it.” But, If I don’t get it and get sick I might be out even more. So I guess I finnally see the need.

    However, I don’t really care for the method the insurance companies use to bill for policies. For example, I have NEVER used my health insurance. Yet, the “group” I am in was considered a “sickly group” by blue cross, therefore my rates and everyone elses in the group went up. ??

    I never use it why should my rates go up?? In that case my only recourse was to cancel the policy and re-sign-up.. Getting in another group. My rates went back down. I may be naive in the workings of Insurance but, this always kind of bothers me.

    I’m sorry to rant in your comments, I know this wasn’t what your post was about. However, when ever anyone brings up the “Insurance” subject I tend to get wordy.

    You have a great site! Keep up the Humpday Humor, Funnies always make the week go by so much easier.

    • the Health Advocate says:

      Who doesn’t rant when it comes to health insurance? I certainly do. And the satire of the cartoons can incite us that much more even if we pause for a chuckle. Like you, I also self-insure. When you’re extremely healthy and not using your insurance (except, of course, for preventative screening) it’s frustrating to have your premiums rise. But then if you’re chronically ill and use services regularly, you feel you’re not getting your money’s worth for what you are required to pay. Health economists have recognized and studied this apparent lack of correlation between premium and risk. This summer when health reform comes to the Congressional floor they will debate weather government regulation or forces of the free market do a better job at controlling premiums. Stay tuned…

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