Autonomy in April

NDLM 2010April is National Donate Life Month.  The Presidential Proclamation reminds us all that this is a time during which, “we honor donors who provide others with a second chance for a healthy life” and we “demonstrate our commitment to one another in the most difficult of circumstances”.

If you’re just discovering this blog, take some time to read about my very personal experience with organ donation in the post, I’m Not Gonna Need ‘Em When I’m Dead. Then pick up some very helpful information on how to create your own living will in The Only Things Certain Are Death and Taxes.  Both posts discuss the necessity of making informed decisions about health, disease, and death; as well as sharing those decisions with family, clinicians, and health care providers so that our autonomy as patients will be recognized and respected.

Be well.


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    Visit the website for the book III GIFTS.

  • In The News

    The Herald-Sun presented a large feature of III Gifts poems and photographs to kick off National Donate Life Month. It included the articles, A Living Tribute and Love of Arts... providing a comprehensive and personal perspective of organ donation. Cliff Bellamy, Book & Entertainment Editor described the book as "very insightful." Click through the links and be sure to check them out.

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