Danielle Turnipseed: A Healthcare Leader whose Got Your Back

You may not be familiar with the name Danielle Turnipseed, but chances are you are familiar with her work. She made significant contributions to the award-winning social media company, EmpoweHer and was the driving force behind the legislative policy surrounding issues of health and aging for former senator Elizabeth Dole. Most recently, however she completed a stint with the Institute of Medicine as Study Director. In this role, she brought her keen understanding of health policy and technology innovation by leading operations, strategic planning, programmatic design and production of the Health Data Initiative Forum (2012, 2013). You probably know this conference as Health Datapalooza, the nickname popularized by the enigmatic Todd Park.

Walking Out of the Darkness to Combat Mental Illness, but What about Funding?

This weekend the Out of the Darkness Walk sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention will occur from June 1-2 to raise awareness and funds for suicide research and prevention. One June 3rd the President will convene a Mental Health Forum to follow-up on much the the initiatives for early identification and improved access to treatments proposed in his The Time Is Now gun violence prevention program. The problems of suicide and the depression that cause it are all too real. In the United States alone someone dies by suicide every 13 minutes.

Is Advance Care Planning A Remote Issue?

I turned down a road towards a municipal building that strangely stood alone in the midst of a quiet residential area. I live not far away in Washington, DC yet Loudoun County feels a world away. This was also the site where Senator Mark Warner convened a roundtable conversation of end-of-life issues. I thought this building and Loudon County provided a strange symbol for the topic of end-of-life in general. They were each remote. A diverse cross-section of stakeholders gather to discuss this topic that remains remote in relation to other issues of health and medicine.

#MinorityHealth Town Hall Culuminates White House Black History Month Celebrations

 HHS photo by Chris Smith Dr. Regina Benjamin, US Surgeon General, US Department of Health and Human Services B. Smith, Restaurant Owner, Author, and Healthy Lifestyle Advocate Dr. Nadine Gracia, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health & Director of the Office of Minority Health, US Department of Health and Human Services Dr. Dirk Schroeder, … Continue reading

Has Your Doctor said “Hello Health”?

How many times have you said, “I wish I could just go online and make my doctor’s appointment.” How many of you actually have the privilege today to shoot your physician or health care provider an email and receive a response back from them. If you don’t have this privilege, how many of you are guilty of stalking them on Facebook or twitter and sending them a direct message? The norms of each of these behaviors we have yet to determine, as hospitals and physician practices struggle to craft social media policies and redefine the routes through which they are (legally protected and) comfortable communicating with patients. Insurance reimbursement for these activities is likely a distant fantasy. Electronic medical and health record systems implementation is a task with which many smaller provider organizations continue to grapple, falling behind on their timetables for achieving meaningful use. The very popular health care social medicine (#hcsm) tweet chat addressed this very question in its June 3, 2012 discussion.

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