Danielle Turnipseed: A Healthcare Leader whose Got Your Back

You may not be familiar with the name Danielle Turnipseed, but chances are you are familiar with her work. She made significant contributions to the award-winning social media company, EmpoweHer and was the driving force behind the legislative policy surrounding issues of health and aging for former senator Elizabeth Dole. Most recently, however she completed a stint with the Institute of Medicine as Study Director. In this role, she brought her keen understanding of health policy and technology innovation by leading operations, strategic planning, programmatic design and production of the Health Data Initiative Forum (2012, 2013). You probably know this conference as Health Datapalooza, the nickname popularized by the enigmatic Todd Park.

Helping Physicians Make Their Way Up The Social Media Learning Curve

When patients hear the term “The Empowered Doctor” they may ask “I thought physicians were empowered. Staff, systems, procedures are controlled by them. What am I missing ?” at least from the perspective of Annette McKinnon, ePatient. Yet, “Doctors in their prime are going out of business,” says Dr. Simon Sikorski, President of Empowered Doctor … Continue reading

Ubiqi Health: Harnessing Big Data for Engaged Patients

Harnessing big data for engaged patients

In the bright light of the foyer atrium at a hotel in Boston, I pulled together a pair of chairs to improvise a conversation area. It was mid-afternoon and Jacqueline Thong was bursting with energy. I thought to myself, “Whatever she has, I’d like to bottle that!” Thong is a petite woman with a big vision and a desire to harness the power of big data. As CEO of Ubiqi Health, she works to forge strategic alliances with other health industry organization and maximize the adoption and use of her company’s health applications.

Are you an ePatient?

The session quickly evolved into a lively discussion and good-natured debate on what it means to be an ePatient and how physician-patient communication can be improved. This all raised the very obvious question in my head, “Exactly, what is an ePatient?”

Humpday Humor

When the Supreme Court ruled that corporations could use corporate funds to contribute directly to political campaigns, I wonder if they had this image depicted by Wasserman in mind?

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